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Cloud Based PMS v10

GT|Cloud Based PMS
Premium Hotel Management Software

Cutting Edge Technologies Designed and Created by Hospitality/Systems Professionals.

Our traditional GuestTracker Hotel Software PMS features and easy-to-use design are all there, we've just added the Cloud to GuestTracker, GT|Cloud. Powerful, Robust Systems, plus important new online booking engines. Optimize your access, with our GT|Cloud, while running your business, and manage it all in one place. With our GT |Cloud you will transcend your property software.




Advantage of our GT|Cloud

Dedicated state-of-the-art servers
Tablets, device accessible – Windows 10 
24/7 software access
Data security & backups
Setup/Start up support
No software updates
Multi-Site reservations
Ideal for management companies

Pricing of our GT|Cloud

Month-to-month, pricing plans
No expensive on-site hardware
ROI high return on investment
TCO low total cost of ownership

Transcend to our Cloud Based PMS - Fast & Reliable - Easy to Learn
Intuitive - Easy Access - Cost Effective - Economical



GT|Cloud PMS transcends your property software 

Cloud-based hotel PMS system.

Exactly what you need to run your business from anywhere, anytime!