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GuestTracker Enhanced OTA Connectivity  

Expedia and are the two most successful online travel agencies (OTA) in the United States. If you do not currently have a contract with one or both of these providers, we highly recommend contacting them to discuss their online reservation services. Scroll down for information about these OTAs and our two-way interface options for Guest Tracker.

What is the main benefit to having the Expedia and or Interface?

Based on the number of reservations you receive from Expedia and, you can save time and money by drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to manually enter online reservations into your GuestTracker PMS. Also, you will no longer need to manually update rates and availability on the Expedia or extranet. This will improve your inventory accuracy and help you sell a greater percentage of rooms.




The online Hotel reservation interface enables seamless connectivity between your Guest Tracker property management system and Connectivity partners: and


Expedia Interface

Expedia QuickConnect online reservation interface enables connectivity between your Guest Tracker property management system and Expedia QuickConnect includes:,, and the Expedia Affiliate Network.

Auto Sync: When a guest books their room through Expedia, the reservation is automatically transmitted through our two-way interface to your Guest Tracker hotel software. Your real-time room inventory is constantly updated to help reduce the chance of overbooking.

The Expedia interface will control room rates and availability through the hotel software. Room blocking features allows full control of your inventory. If guaranteed rooms are part of your Expedia contract, the GuestTracker interface that will help you manage this requirement.

The Expedia QuickConnect interface requires an Expedia Account. GuestTracker software requirements include: v10 GuestTracker, annual support agreement, and Expedia interface agreement. Please contact TCS for more information (845)-358-9294 ext. 1. & Expedia Integration auto Sync Features 

The enhanced interface supports reservations from Expedia and - additionally it supports rates, inventory Sync and availability refresh. The average online bookings contribution increases significantly with Expedia and Our Property Management System OTA Connection – interface eliminates redundant manual reservation entry, and optimizes revenue opportunities. Reservation bookings information is made available immediately in your Guest Tracker hotel management software. An OTA Expedia or account can significantly increase occupancy and ADR through a joint online booking effort to sell all your room availability.

Auto update Inventory using our OTA Connectivity Interface

Visual control settings to Sync Rates and reservations
Control and Sync room inventory by room type or individual rooms
Enhanced Reservation Sync includes Folio postings
Information is secure and up-to-date
Capture credit card data during online booking process
Email messaging for reservation backup
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