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Shift 4 & GuestTracker Hotel Systems - Hospitality Advantages

  • DOLLARS ON THE NET® is Software as a service (SaaS), so it lets you audit and settle transactions from any Web-accessible computer and perform any function necessary across your enterprise, right down to each location or profit center.
  • Our solution removes CHD from the merchant environment. GuestTracker PMS/POS does not transmit or store (CHD) card holder data, and is outside the scope of PCI. When using Shift 4’s P2PE solution, the hotel's CDE can be reduced down to the swipe device itself.
  • With the cost of initially making a hotel PCI-compliant estimated more than $100 per room, not to mention the ongoing cost to maintain compliance, Shift4's approach to reducing the CDE translates into dollars in the bank.
  • TrueTokens are on file for up to 24 months and can be used for incremental authorizations, credits, future charges, incidental charges, no-show charges, and chargeback defense. They can also support card-on-file to guarantee reservations across multiple properties within the same organization, process subsequent transactions, or be used to conduct research – all without introducing CHD into the merchant environment. TrueTokens are always portable, meaning you can switch banks or processors as frequently as your business needs require without losing the ability to use your TrueTokens.
  • Centralized connectivity provides one solution for properties that have multiple systems, (GT|PMS, GT|POS, GT|Retail GT|Ticketing). We centralize all your accounting, reporting, etc. with DOLLARS ON THE NET for full enterprise management.
  • From DOLLARS ON THE NET, a vendor can send a copy of the folio/invoice to be stored in the transaction record. This allows for centralization of all PMS/POS information to generate the necessary items for chargeback defense. HTML invoices allow PMS and POS vendors to pass folio details to Shift4 so that an audit staff can investigate payment transactions and see the associated source invoice.
  • DOLLARS ON THE NET eliminates the need for rekey or card look-up departments and allows the merchant to control who has access to CHD and there is no need for third party intervention. Also, there are no retrieval or access fees and you get unrestricted access to transaction records.
  • Shift4 is a merchant advocate. We give you the facts and look out for your best interests.

Features and Benefits of Shift 4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET®

  • DOLLARS ON THE NET and its technology are bank- and processor-neutral, so you can choose the provider that best suits your needs and DOLLARS ON THE NET integrates to it. Plus, you can use multiple processors if your situation requires it.
  • Assured delivery technology minimizes the potential for lost or duplicate transactions and/or dropped data packets during payment processing transmission.
  • Authorizations received in less than three seconds let you capitalize on peak visitor times and diminish queues.
  • 99.98% system uptime – the best in the industry – assures processing availability. 
  • The ability to audit and correct transactions before settlement reduces errant transactions and the fines they carry. This also helps you ensure accuracy and full compliance with card association regulations.
  • Auditing activities at properties or franchisees within a group is easy with Shift4's browser-based reporting solutions in DOLLARS ON THE NET. You don't need to install any special reporting software on the audit company PCs, as our solution is browser-based.
  • Transactions are archived for up to 24 months, so you can easily defend against chargebacks and quickly resolve customer inquiries. This lets you avoid bank fees associated with chargebacks and retrieval requests.
  • Chargeback defense costs are reduced because the information to defend against a chargeback is all readily available in DOLLARS ON THE NET. You don't need to pay $20, $30, or even more to retrieve information from your bank, processor, or MSP.
  • Direct processing to American Express (AMEX) eliminates third-party processing fees and accelerates your availability of funds. With AMEX processing fees as high as $0.30 cents per transaction, this brings enormous savings. 
  • Fraud Sentry protects against "trusted-employee" fraud with real-time monitoring and instant notification of unusual transaction activity and suspicious trends.
  • 24/7/365 live, U.S.-based support at no extra cost. Our expert staff is fully knowledgeable on POS/PMS/e-Commerce, processors, and industry standards and can assist you with best practices and quality control.
  • Simultaneous transactions can be processed at multiple locations or profit centers without any backlogs.
  • Connections to 99% of the banks in North America.
  • You can leverage more than one processor without changing payment processing procedures.
  • Full support for MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX "level three" line-item detail for transactions affords seamless data mining, strategic sourcing, and other analytics.