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GuestTracker Hotel Management Software - Quickbooks Pro Integration
GuestTracker Hotel Management Software integrates with Quickbooks Pro. Integrate detail or summary transactions with our bookkeeping interface software. Quickbooks Pro 2012 to current year will be compatible with GuestTracker Hotel Software.

Quickbooks / Accounting Interface



GuestTracker© Quickbooks Pro - QB Pro Accounting Interface will allow hotels to operate a fully integrated Back Office Accounting system with GuestTracker PMS Software!
Our property management system QuickBooks Pro Interface was developed to enhance your hotel or property’s daily accounting reconciliation. Daily, weekly, or monthly reconciliation of imported transactions from GuestTracker accounting systems. The GT|QB setup procedure for all journal accounts, contra accounts, and selected accounts will define the transactions that will post to QuickBooks Pro accounting system. Advanced functionality exports to other import formats including, Excel, comma delimited, and CSV file formats. Import into pre-defined Excel worksheets, or import each accounting transaction or summary transaction by account and date range. Balance your daily transactions and interface with any Back Office System, including QuickBooks Pro.

The GuestTracker/QB account assignment procedure will help define the account conversion table. Define active accounts, and contra accounts. Mapping accounts to your QB accounting system is included in setup. The majority of popular accounting systems have unique interface API’s. The QB / Bookkeeping Accounting module interfaces to a variety of Back Office Systems via the export utilities.


Powerful, QB / Accounting Interface!

  • 100+ software interface features to experience and enjoy with QB Pro
  • 1000+ properties worldwide successfully utilizing our property management software 
  • Select from a number of choices of Back Office Accounting Interface to GuestTracker 
  • Advanced QB Integration that will eliminate manual transactions into your back office system 
  • Imported transactions are managed by date, with transfer controls 
  • Improve accountability and satisfy financial reconciliation audits 
  • Import transactions to balance sheet and income statements by day, week, or month 
  • Settle reports and balance your books 

Fast & Reliable – Easy to Learn – Intuitive
Easy Access – Cost Effective – Economical

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GuestTracker Point of Sale Software

  • 1000+ properties worldwide successfully utilizing our property management software
  • Flexible POS menu system design allows you to customize each POS menu
  • Easy-to-use POS design and setup features to setup unique POS sub-menus
  • Full accountability, every POS transaction by station, user, and date
  • GT|POS solutions: full integrated POS, inventory, credit card processing, barcode
  • Windows tablets compatible
  • Free software updates to the latest POS software release included
  • E-mail support, remote online support service