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GuestTracker Frequently Asked Questions

How to Purchase?

1. Click here to open the PDF OrderForm.
2. Once the OrderForm is open, print it out.
3. Complete the OrderForm.
4. Mail OrderForm and payment to us at:

TCS Hotel Software, Inc.
373 Sierra Vista Lane
Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Call or e-mail us with your order request!
Sales Phone: (845) 358-9294
Sales E-mail:


What's is the request a web demo?
GuestTracker Hotel Software encourages you to request an online web demo of our latest GuestTracker version, prior to your purchase. Our web demo will allow you to connect to one of our webinars and watch an interactive, personalized review of the GuestTracker Software on our servers. Invite key staff to connect from any computer with Internet. Call or e-mail TCS from our Demo Page to request a web demo.

What's in the download trial version?
GuestTracker Hotel Software encourages you to download our trial version prior to your purchase. Our trial version is the full working version of our latest hotel software release. TCS provide demonstration data, including a few reservations and checked in guests, so you can feel the systems features from the start. Call or e-mail TCS from our Demo Page to request a download of our trial demo. TCS will assist you with the installation of the GuestTracker demo download and setup.

What if I have trouble downloading GuestTracker?
If you are having trouble downloading, it can be a number of issues causing this. Usually a Firewall or AntiVirus software is blocking the download or warning you to be careful and if you trust the software that is requesting permission to download. Other AntiVirus software will require you to trust the source of the download. Windows 10/7 will warn you as well and request permission to trust the source of the download.

What support or services are included with our purchase?
GuestTracker offers full support during pre-sales and post sales for our properties. As a new property purchasing software, you are entitled to support for software installation and initial setup. Service and support are required the 1st year, and optional thereafter for the base software. GuestTracker support includes phone and e-mail support, as well as emergency support 24/7. TCS offers GoToAssist remote support as well. Our support services can assist you with network setup issues, computers and printer selections. Support includes the latest updates to your software version.

Please give us a call on (845) 358-9294 to place your order or request a detailed price quote which will include software setup and support or e-mail:

  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Online support
  • Updates are included in all Support Agreements

How much $?
GuestTracker can be very affordable. TCS Hotel management software lists our prices so everyone knows and receives the same prices. Please feel free to call or e-mail us to setup an online quote for you. Then, when you are ready to place your order you have the details of your purchase ready for approval and payment.

What are the operating system & hardware minimum requirements for GT|Software?

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • IBM Personal Computer or compatible 
  • Intel Chips or AMD equivalent (one of the following)
  • Pentium Dual Core
  • Intel Core 2
  • Celeron
  • Core I3,I5,I7
  • 80GB Hard Drive 
  • 4GB memory 
  • 19” or 24" Monitor or Touch Screen 
  • network card

How do I setup GuestTracker?
TCS Hotel Software will assist you with all initial setup and online training. TCS will request a basic configuration form via e-mail. TCS will generate an installer file for your installation.

How do I order add-on products?
Call us direct on (845) 358-9294 ext. 1 to place your order. For add-on enhancements, call one of our representatives to prepare an online quote for you to process when you are ready. This is recommended for Interface Add-On Enhancements. Our representatives will give you a clear introduction to all software products and enhancements.

What Add-On Enhancements can I order?
Refer to Products and Services Menu for full details on enhancement features for you new GuestTracker software.