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Summer Station Hotels

In January 2014, our hotel decided to upgrade its hotel pms reservation software. We went with Guest Tracker hotel property management system. This decision has been a huge success. The features offered have benefited both the productivity of the staff, and the accuracy of our accounting. This software has quickly become integral to keeping our business moving smoothly and headache free.

GuestTracker’s robust feature set allows our staff to easily create, edit, and track reservations, while still being intuitive enough to make training a breeze. The security options are very customizable and allow for multiple levels of access for personnel, and payments have tokenized encrypted protection to keep our guest information secure. Varied and helpful reporting options let us have any information we might need at my fingertips.

TCS Systems’ support staff has helped tailor GuestTracker to meet the exact needs of our hotel, and any issues were handled quickly and professionally. TCS Systems has even helped to add Quickbooks integration allowing transactions to be quickly imported rather than entered manually. This system has been a godsend; protocols that had previously taken us days now take mere hours.

Overall, after over two years the system continues to impress us with its features. While our business may not use every facet of the program it is good to know that as we grow as a business GuestTracker and TCS Systems will be able to satisfy our needs.

A Very Satisfied Customer,
Bill Mullins
General Manager
Summer Station Hotel
Cape May, NJ

TCS has a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in hospitality, technology, and business applications to serve your needs as you begin your implementation of GuestTracker Hotel Management Software. TCS Hotel Software Inc. is on the cutting edge of the latest technologies for business applications, including partnerships with Vertical Market Software Developers, including Shift 4 Credit Card Gateway, InnLink GDS/OTA, Availability Online Booking Engine, and our GT|Cloud software.