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GuestTracker Reservation Software Partnership with ClubTec Software

TCS GuestTracker Software has developed Property Management Reservation Software for all types of hotels, resorts, and clubs since 1986. Our longtime relationship with ClubTec Management software has become an important niche for our Club Software products. Our software, service, and integration with ClubTec Software helps clubs with lodging facilities to fully integrate Member and Guests Room Folios with ClubTec’s Membership Point of Sale Module.

In an effort to accommodate clubs that need Guest Reservation Management Software, TCS Software has developed an interface with ClubTec Software that will integrate our software products seamlessly. Over the past 5 years, TCS's ClubTec Reservation Interface Module has been successfully implemented in all types of clubs that have ClubTec and require a Guest Reservation Software.

This software integration for GT|ClubTec is supported and implemented together, sharing server data, and client/server workstations. GuestTracker Reservation software, GT/ClubTec Interface, and ClubTec Interface Manager are all run from the main servers. Each client workstation is configured with ClubTec as the primary client, the GuestTracker Reservation management module will be loaded on the club's ClubTec Server. ClubTec/TCS will coordinate all initial setups.

GT/ClubTec Billing Integration Features

  • Membership database is imported to GuestTracker to initiate setup of new GuestTracker Software. 
  • G/L revenue posting chart of accounts is setup in GuestTracker to match ClubTec accounting codes. 
  • All GuestTracker room revenue postings/taxes, and misc. postings are sent to ClubTec daily. 
  • All phone call charges are transferred to ClubTec daily, (Call Accounting Module required). 
  • All Guest information is transferred to ClubTec daily. 
  • Guest or membership charges may be billed or settled by individual guests at time of check-out. 
  • Guest billing can be transferred to Membership Statements if member is accepting charges. 
  • ClubTec transfers all POS charges to GuestTracker Billing Folios daily. 
  • ClubTec transfers all new member accounts to GuestTracker daily. 
  • Transaction Audit of all posted transactions by each day of the month, for auditing.

GT|ClubTec Integration
15+ Years of Quality software

ClubTec Club Management Software
15+ Years of Quality Club Software

Features to GuestTracker are ongoing, satisfying the simplest solutions to the most diverse Club Management Software Operations.

Hotel/Club Room Reservations Integration Features

  • Reservations, Guest in-house, Checked-out, Waiting List and Cancelled Status 
  • Easy Training for Fast Learning Curve 
  • Rate Grid manages rates based on Rate Types, Room Types and Distribution Channels 
  • Rate Grid allows for specific rate availability restrictions based on any Date Range, Occupancy, Advance Booking, Min/Max LOS, Closed to Arrival and Maximum Rooms 
  • Guest Profile allows customization with user-defined fields 
  • Guest History is easily accessible resulting in improved guest satisfaction 
  • Guest Dashboard give user last and next visit on all guest screens 
  • Guest History available for database mining 
  • Guest Logs tracks room moves and guest complaints